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Women Fitness:Bikini Body Free


* Train your „problematic areas“ belly, legs, buttocks, back and upper arms.* More than 20 different exercises, that are specially selected for female bodies.* The exercises were selected jointly by sports scientists and sports medics.* Step by step explanations with high resolution images, texts and audible announcements.* You can choose between 8 different levels of difficulty* The training duration for your perfect bikini body is only between 6 and 8 minutes!* You have NOT to be a superhuman for this workout. * No static training plan. You can choose by yourself how often you want to do these workouts.* The exercises are suitable for everyone, both beginners and advanced.* You don't need any fitness equipment, you train with your own weight. => Start your workout whenever and wherever you want.* Get a six-pack for the beach by doing this workout routinely!* Optimized for smartphones and tabletsExercises:* Crunch (and more abdominal exercises to get a six-pack!)* Forearm Side Plank* Modified Push-Up* Mountain Climberand much more exercises to get a great bikini-body for your holidays on the beach!
Your „problematic areas“ are belly, buttocks and legs? These exercises are specially selected for women / female bodies and will help you to get a perfect bikini body. The holiday and beach season begins soon, so start this fitness training today, which is specially selected for you.Whether in the office, at home or on a business trip start your dream of a perfect bikini body today. You can get a great butt, a flat stomach with a six-pack and shapely arms for your holidays at the beach!You only need some place and some time for a short workout, that is specially selected for the female body."Women Fitness: Bikini Body"- Train your legs, your stomach and your butt!